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* I can't find my questions and answer here?

Please view our FAQ first, to see if we have your answer here.
Please use contact us FORM and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

* I need help with find products!

We are adding new products daily so if you get lost or not sure where to start, you can email us (contact us) for specific item you are looking for such as product name, size, style, quantity so we can guide you to specific faster. 


Add to cart alert minimum?

 Our system detect minimum order such as not less than 10 pieces will not allow you add in 1 OR 5 piece.



Each product details already detect minimum per style or per model, which mean we also verify that quantity as well.



Third level, we also manual check your order minimum quantity.



Despite our system look like a shopping cart, we are WHOLESALE MANUFACTURING MADE TO ORDER WEBSITE AND FACTORY so minimum quantity is required for us to run order production.



Any Claimed or Return Goods on import/export products?

Custom made to your order and re-import back for return goods is NOT practical and NOT work with return goods which consider re-export and re-import.


1. Export for most countries import back is not call return goods, but call RE-IMPORT and subject tax. Providing with export delivery cost and reimport delivery cost and pay import tax on the same good twice is not practical on cost.

2. Policy of return goods mostly apply to DOMESTIC TRADE (domestic retailer and domestic wholesaler)

3. CUSTOM MADE order is not returnable since tailor made to your order.

ANY SUBJECT OR CLAIMED MUST BE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIVE GOODS. (We have proof of delivery by export custom tracking system and/or POSTAL and COURIER parcel tracking ID)

Can I give you my credit card number?

NO, we only process online real time visa verisign payment system only. 



We DO NOT STORE your credit card system. Once you click PAY NOW, your order ID will be sent to bank system and bank compare your credit card data to visa verisign data realtime approve payment or decline. 


CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN (C/O) is NOT process for postal order (but can considered case by case).

Official export air freight and sea freight MASS ON QUANTITY (MOQ) normally go by
- AWB (air way bill from airline cargo), or B/L (Bill of lading from ship vessel company).

WE DO PROVIDE CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN from THAI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE but not CERTIFICATE FORM "A" type. Due to Form A do required formula, mixture and ingredient which is a trade secret.

EXAMPLE (case sample) ::
1. We make craft CARVED SOAP but we do not produce such commercial soap we uses in carved soap ourself. Form A involved all materials use specify origin which mean if our carved soap, we have to know if coconut oil used is made in thailand or imported from overseas as raw material. 

2. We make foam flower but we do not produce foam sheet ourself, so we are unable to specify if EVA resin used to make foam sheet is europe, china, or usa origin.



Can I visit your office warehouse factory?

YES, our office/warehouse is in Center of Bangkok (Bank and Sea port area).
YES, visiting our factories also welcome but only if you prepare to travel 1-2 days to our factory outside Bangkok
* This due Bangkok labor cost vs. Upcountry labor cost.


We love to meet you and be able to spent time with you for business discussion "without you have to wait".
Some months (export season), we do have many visitors a day.

Look forward to meet you. 


Do you accept payment western union?

NO, due to western union bank rate is lower than standard bank T/T telex transfer funds rate by every dollar.


- You are paying high fee to sent money
- We have to make too many trips to western union bank counter due to too many transaction a day.

We plan to work with western union IF they have ONLINE merchant version (real-time payment version). 


Do you work with D/P document against payment?

NO, all order paid in full before delivery only.


Do you work with L/C letter of credit?

NO, letter of credit or L/C workable at over US$5000 and more.

Thai bank do not honor L/C as they do in many countries and documentation to collect payment never meet the L/C expiration date due to involved 3 to 6 bank branch for every document approval.  UNTIL, THAI BANK HONOR LETTER OF CREDIT AS THEY DO IN OTHER COUNTRIES, WE WILL NOT BE WORKING WITH LETTER OF CREDIT (THAILAND ONLY MEAN A LETTER OF PAPER).


How can I change payment currency?


Paypal work with USD only.

Visa mastercard verisigned realtime payment online allow you to choose many currencies.

How do I sign up?

Sign up is FREE and we need your full information on basic address (billing and shipping).




We do verify each email, each account sign up manually and your account will be approved within 12-48 hours. Once your status approved to wholesale, you then can see pricelist and enable placing your order.


How do I track my order, track my shipping detail?

Once you process order and payment, we will schedule for shipment then you can check back by login into your account

- Estimate shipment date
- Order history
- Current Order (process and pending)
- Actual shipment date
- parcel TRACKING ID




 If you have more question regarding your order, you can contact us using "contact form" on our website.

How EMS cost different from COURIER cost?

EMS express mail service manage by postal office worldwide
==> CHARGE actual weight only (some country allow max 15,20 or 30 kgs) varied by country
==> BOX size not exceeding 200cm (all side added not exceeding 200 cm) for example  width 50 + length 120 + height 30 = 200cm).
However varied by countries.
==> Max box length 150cm (so if 200cm total but box length longer than 150cm also not allowed)
==> Delivery 3-5 days for most country 
==> You need to know your box is not exceeding box size limit and known weight to get cost. (STANDARD POSTAL CHARGE)

COURIER ( Fedex, UPS, TNT, and etc)
==> Charge volumn weight NOT actual weight
==> Box size limited by each courier standard 
==> Delivery fast or slower based on how hurry you want it. 
==> You must know EXACT BOX SIZE and WEIGHT to get cost (Based on each company courier charge rate)


How products are ship?






How to become a wholesaler?

We screen out all robot/spam sign up account as well as retailer buyer for we WHOLESALE ONLY.


1. You must meet minimum requirement for order purchasing.
2. You must have full information of bulling and shipping address.
3. You must have valid email.

If you are a retailer or individual buyer, we can sent you to our wholesale network in your country. 

I already signed up but CAN NOT SEE prices?

Once you sign up, your status normally upgrade to WHOLESALEER (5 minutes or within 24 hours)


We will check your account detaila and adjust your status to "wholesale" and enable you to see price and make order.

If you signed up a while ago but your account was NOT ACTIVE, your account is DISABLE STATUS. Please contact us with your registered email so we can assist you with clear status.

I have problem sign up, forget password ?

You can click on FORGET PASSWORD (same page at LOGIN PAGE) and our system will sent your password back to you automatically.

If you signed up once before then our system recorded your email already, please contact us if you forgot username and password. We'll get back to you within 24-48hours.


Payment Alternative Bank T/T Telex transfer funds

We work with bank T/T transfer funds for order over 1200USD equalvalent only.


This due to buyer (YOU) pay bank fee to sent money and seller (WE) also pay bank fee just to received money and some transaction required third party bank from your country to third country then bank to thai bank and bank fee range from 10USD to 120USD therefore small order is not sufficient to cover bank fee. 

It take longer 3-5 days instead of 5 minutes. 


Visa Mastercard declined my payment?

Bank online transaction sometime blocked and unauthorized by your bank due to you did not inform them on intend to use payment online.This is universal for all banks security for a good caused.



If you never use your credit card online before or payment is in large amount of value than normally use online, then kindly call your bank to unblock and open your card to use online before processing order. 

Visa Mastercard required my bank name?

Our bank system required you to fill out (SELECT FROM LIST)

- Your country

- Your bank name




This is for security measure becuase real time verisigned bank system trying to detect fruad. System also detect IP address which allow us to see if european or american creditcard attemped to use from another continent.


What is FOAM FLOWER made of?

Foam flower is made of EVA FOAM SHEET and foam sheet made of EVA RESIN.

EVA is a plastic that is similar to elastomeric materials in flexibility - but can be processed like other thermoplastics. Characteristics include low-temperature toughness, stress crack resistance and resistance to UV.

FOAM is all around us in daily use. FOAM VARIED BY GRADE, THICKNESS, HARDNESS, COLORS based on manufacturing usage. 


Foam flower, kickboard in swimming pool, children toy, your favorite yoga mat... all made from same FOAM. 

What is the different between gardenia rose androse?

Not much different but for the flower trade sake... it helps identify specy or better understand what shape of flower or rose we implying since there is hybrid, sub-specy, wild flower specy, etc




What is the different between Hair Pick and Ear Piece?

Nothing !!

Tahiti, France, New Zealand call it "Hair Pick"
Japan call  it "PICK"
California, and FIJI seems to prefer to call it "EAR PIECE"

Overall, it's the same thing but depend on how you want to use it. 



What is the different between Plumeria and Frangipani?



Plumeria (common name Frangipani) is a genus of flowering plants of the family which includes Dogbane: the Apocynaceae.

The genus, originally spelled Plumiera, is named in honor of the seventeenth-century French botanist Charles Plumier, who traveled to the New World documenting many plant and animal species. The common name "Frangipani" comes from an Italian noble family, a sixteenth-century marquess of which invented a plumeria-scented perfume. 

- Many English speakers also simply use the generic name "plumeria". 

- In Hawaii the name is "melia". 

- In Sri Lanka it is referred to as araliya and (in English) as the Temple Tree. 

- Thailand called it "Leelawadee".


Why order must be confirmed PREPAID?

We only process made to order allowing you to customize your own size, style, color selection so all clients can create their own unique selection (none of our clients have the same order selection).

We only procees prepaid order becuase we MADE TO ORDER ONLY and same as normal e-commerce business prepaid only.

We only have a very very very few incidents of abandon order from varied reason such as; buyer purchased from many sources and run out funding temporary (came back after 2 months), down to natural disaster (storm to hurricane).


Your order to us became overrun and overhead.
Your order to our other clients is a stock for they don't get to choose exact what they want to purchase or selected.


Why postal & delivery pay before shipment?

The old day of import-export, telex and fax ERA... exporter only export known packing quantity or factory standard LCL or FCL 20ft container load. With the new ERA of internet and e-commerce where trade can be smaller, faster and you can delivery whereever postal, couirer can delivery as well which mean smaller order and allowing mixed mumbo-jumbo assort orders of type and size.


Since we do not enforce minimum buy by FULL CARTON PACK FACTORY STANDARD, therefore we can only GUESSTIMATE delivery cost most of the time. We try to save client cost on delivery so PRE-PARE GUESSING COST FOR INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY is harder. The prepaid scheme seems to work better within same country domestic delivery.




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