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Carved Soap Flowers in Lacquered Mango Wood

carved soap LID
carved soap LID
carved soap NO LID
carved soap NO LID
Packing NO LID
Packing NO LID
Packing LID n BOX
Packing LID n BOX

Hand carved flower soap great gift tropical 14 ideas to choose from and various colors. Carved Soap Flowers in Lacquered Mango Wood with Hand Painted Patterns cover lid or metal decoration top cover lid, with optional of DISPLAY SHOW wood box with NO lid.

Minimum Order

10 pieces / design / color
Not less than 50 pieces minimum


Weight Guide:  50 pieces free style packing
- NO lid (one piece in wood bowl no cover lid, then pack display in PVC clear box) approx 60 gms
- with LID (one piece pack in wood with cover lid then in individual brown box) appox 125 gms

FULL CARTON PACK * wood bowl NO lid
- 200 pieces/carton
- weight range from 11-13.50 kgs per carton varied by design
- box size L 79 x W33.5 x H21.5

FULL CARTON PACK  * wood with cover LID
- pack 192 piece
- weight range 25-26kgs per carton box
- box size L82 x W 62 x H 48


Price exclude postal. Price is ex-factory from 50 piece to any qunaity.

FOB Bangkok for 2,000 peice order lot only (official air freight or sea freight)

out of stock/off season

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